Aventura de Superman del ACTION COMICS NO.57 FEB 1943

We can see here the cover of WANTED NO.9 Aug-Sept 1973. This is an interesting comic because inside it you can see and read the Superman Adventure appeared in ACTION COMICS NO.57 Feb 1943, a very expensive comic. You can see here the Splash Page of the adventure entitled: "Crime's Comedy King!" with Superman against the Prankster. The Second adventure of the issue is from The Sandman first appeared in WORLD'S FINEST COMICS NO.6 Summer 1942.

Podemos ver aquí la portada de WANTED NO.9 de Agosto-Septiembre 1973. Este es un comic interesante porque podemos ver y leer la aventura de Superman aparecida en el ACTION COMICS NO.57 de Febrero 1943, un comic muy caro. Puedes ver la Splash Page de la aventura titulada: "Crime's Comedy King!" con Superman contra el Bromista. La segunda aventura es The Sandman y apareció por vez primera en el WORLD'S FINEST COMICS NO.6 del Verano de 1942.

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